Michelle Harrison | Master Stylist
Cutting Instructor

"Suki and myself were attending the Intercoiffure conference in New York in 2008, just before Obama was elected, and Vidal Sassoon, the greatest hairdresser of all time, was the guest of honour.  We were invited to dine at the head table next to Vidal and his wife.  Now, sometimes you meet your heroes and they disappoint you, but I found Vidal to be everything I admired:  talented, intelligent, gracious, funny, and purposeful.  He dedicated his speech to encourage everyone to vote for change, to take care of their neighbours, and to give back to their communities.  I was truly inspired."


Tatiana Koiava | Stylist
Cutting Instructor

"Moving to Vancouver from Russia I was looking for a beautiful inspiring future. I walked into the South Granville salon and there it was -very stylish people behind the chair making their guests look absolutely gorgeous! That’s how I decided I wanted to make people look beautiful and make them happy! And I love to share my knowledge with my students at Suki's Academy."

Saori Nakazono.jpg

Saori Nakazono | Master Stylist
Cutting Instructor

"My first hair idol, Kathy Simon, used to teach at Suki’s Academy. I saw Kathy’s hair cut at Suki’s Academy in 1997. She is the one who taught me how to cut hair and she is the one who planted a seed in me. I am still growing this tree and enjoying cutting hair. 'Thank you Kathy for letting me find what I love to do.' I have been teaching Suki’s academy for over 10 years and trying to plant a seed in my students just like she did for me. She changed my life big time."

Kye Pyeon.jpg

Kye Pyeon | Master Stylist
Cutting Instructor

"One memorable moment in my hairdressing career: a hush of awe bestilled the salon upon his arrival. Unbeknownst to me I would be styling and cutting "The Great One's" hair. A true gentleman, Wayne Gretzky."

Gwen Nguyen2.jpg

Gwen Nguyen | Generalist
Cutting Instructor

"Thinking back to 9th grade, I turned to my friends asking for hair cutting and styling, to help create a bathroom salon. Soon I was offering eyebrow services, highlighting hair, cutting, colouring, and providing fringe trims. By the time I begged Suki's to be a shampoo girl, I had already learned a lot. Just don't let me see those cuts now - I also had so, so much more to learn."

Katie Lee.jpg

Katie Lee | Senior Stylist
Cutting Instructor

"I remember my first hair show i was at Intercoiffure in Las Vegas. I was young and I was fresh on the floor. I was honoured because I was selected as one of the top 10 contestants out of North America, and received 2nd Place in Las Vegas. It was one of the most amazing experiences I had from Suki’s. I’m so lucky to work at Suki’s because I can experience a lot through Suki’s. Best yet, almost every moment I’m with my guests, I feel like I found the right career. Smiles and hugs from them makes me happy every time I receive them."

Candice Johnson 2.jpg

Candice Johnson | Master Stylist
Cutting Instructor

"The day I walked into Suki's I was treated with such respect, and was so impressed by the space. I was met by Suki herself who spent over an hour with me explaining the opportunity ahead of me. I was introduced to my bright future and wanted to be a part of what Suki had created. I'm forever grateful for that day!"


Devon Plamondon | Generalist
Cutting Instructor

“I have had many memorable moments in my career, but the part that I really truly value is the relationships I have with my clients. I enjoy sharing moments with my clients, like when they graduate from university and get their first job or promotion. When they meet their boyfriend and then years later they get engaged and I have the opportunity to style their hair for their wedding. I celebrate them having a baby and meeting their children. I can be a support for them when they go through traumas.

I enjoy it when the clients are there for me too, supporting me in my own milestones and the ups and downs I have in my life. These are the things I love the most and are the most grateful for.”


Antonio Palumbo | Senior Stylist
Barber Instructor

"My hairdressing moment is any day my guest trusts me with their hair. To be a part of their decision to change their image or look can be an intimidating one. To feel that they can trust me, it feels great."

Ashley Hood.jpeg

Ashley Hood | Master Colour Designer
Principal Colour Instructor

"My favourite moment in hair dressing was when Aurelie Jarnet and myself won L’Oreal Professionnel Canadian Colour Trophy, and got to represent Canada on the world stage in Portugal."